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It’s frustrating to realize that even though your products or services are as good and probably better than the next guy’s, it’s the next guy who’s getting what should be your business.

What’s even worse is knowing why this is the case. Your competition can afford the big bucks to advertise and you can’t.

It’s a Catch-22 situation. If you had more sales, you might be able to spend money on advertising. But since your competition is grabbing what should be your business, you don’t have the necessary ammunition to fight back.

Your ammunition is Alden & Clark.

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Alden & Clark, Inc.
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Kelly Clark
mobile 617.281.5657

Alden Thatcher
mobile 857.272.4124

Kelly Clark has worked in advertising, marketing, promotion, public relations and allied fields for over twenty years. Starting her career in an advertising agency art department, she worked subsequently as a copywriter, account representative, account supervisor, creative director and vice president of a Boston advertising agency prior to founding her own business. Her current client roster includes businesses in various fields including retail, finance, health care and not for profit associations.

Alden Thatcher is an award-winning graphic designer whose clients include small start-up companies, non-profit organizations, major corporations and everything in between. Before starting his own business he worked as a freelance artist and then for 15 years as art director and production manager for some of Boston’s biggest advertising agencies and studios. He studied graphic design at Massachusetts College of Art.

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